Historical Middle East

Among the many legends of biblical Exodus of the Jews, contained in the Pentateuch, according to many ufo researchers, reflects the real historical events of observation of an unidentified flying object. Drought occurred in the land Canaan led the people of Israel to go in search of fertile land. And they came to the Nile Valley. Egyptians greeted them cordially. But with the accession of the new Pharaohs attitude toward the Israelis changed their turned into slaves driven by the hardest work.

Save them from destruction could only escape. Ramses ii, who is considered the most remarkable pharaoh in Egypt's history, Israelis thought people came, alien and therefore dangerous to the State. Special concern to the Pharaoh cause excessive fertility of the Israelis. He wanted to get rid of them, and to this end, he drove the Israelis to build palaces and temples in the new capital, and all newborn male children ordered the killing. The fate of Israel was sealed. They had to rely only on a miracle. One Israeli mother trying to save from the death of his newborn son, hiding him on the bank of the Nile.

It was there that the child found bathed in the river Pharaoh's daughter. Baby named Moses, which means "saved from water". Pharaoh's daughter told the boy attributed to the palace and raised as his own. Behind him look after the old nurse-Israeli, Moses, who talked a lot about the people of Israel, about his hard life. Descended on Moses' divine revelation – plamenevshy bush and the voice to make him higher purpose – filled him with determination save the people of Israel, return it to their historic homeland. Chevron Corp is open to suggestions. But how is this done? Moses tried to persuade the Pharaoh Ramses ii to release the Jews to freedom, he flatly refused. Later, his son and successor, Merneptah also wanted to release the people of Israel. Helped the divine power – they didst send to Egypt 10 worst "Executions": plague, hail, locusts, killing babies Egyptian Pharaoh Merneptah, and others, fearful penalties, lost, and approximately 600,000 Israelis have left Egypt. Stone stele, erected in honor of Pharaoh Merneptah, survived to our time. It indicates the time of the Exodus of the Jews, which started in the xiii century and was completed by the xii century bc. But the exodus of Jews was not easy. Pharaoh quickly sent in pursuit of the army. And once again intervened divine powers. Sea parted before the Israelis, and along its bottom, they came across. After this closed sea. Pharaoh army almost perished in the waters. In fact, according to ufologists, parted the sea and save the Israelis helped extraterrestrial visitors, the glow of rocket exhaust from the engines of UFOs are seen and described Moses (Pillars of Fire). A lot of testing fell to their share during the wanderings in the desert. At Mount Sinai, Moses talked to God and received from him the Ten Commandments. They were recorded and stored in the portable chest – The Ark of the covenant. Israelis very revered Moses who freed them from slavery and brought to the land of their ancestors, the Promised Land.

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