High-tech Equipment To Produce Quality

It was decided to concentrate on making equipment for the production of various types of building blocks – breeze blocks, foam blocks and their modifications. Today the factory is developing in two directions: vibropress and installation for the production of foam concrete, being the design and technological work on creation of a new Russian-made equipment for the production line with daily capacity of 600-700 cubic meters for the construction of new lines. Plant for the production of aerated concrete products based on the location of the reconstructed sugar mill and directly to this need and are constantly carried out development work high quality equipment. Construction of new businesses with expensive equipment of leading foreign organizations allows you to receive high-quality products with precise geometrical size. Productivity lines is that they are close to 100 percent of the needs of small manufacturers, and major works in the building materials, as this is the main objective at the same time the desire to partial, with a minimum number of staff serving those lines, or full automation, developers and successfully cope with it.

The plant "Construction" provides high-quality equipment, which is popular all over the world, and because its prices are very high, but the acquisition of such equipment is a profitable investment of finance and pay for itself in a relatively short period of time. But most the cost of the equipment results in an increase in prices for paving equipment, though, by starting their own small business with the equipment of the plant, you can quickly recover it. Much of the existing plants in Russia in our days is not fulfilling its basic functions and therefore can be reoriented, and in this case, too much production will rise aerated product, you will need just to replace obsolete equipment and install the appropriate. Among other things, in the process of restructuring and conversion of plant production process becomes much more economical, as well as improving the quality of aerated concrete products and, naturally, and wide range of products.

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