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It also happens that a man and did not know where to call, but wondered what kind of job he can offer. You must clearly understand what you want to strive for. Well, if you have an idea of its labor market, wages, adequate assessment of their capabilities in this system. Also, it makes no sense to deceive and hide the employer disadvantages, such things always turned out during an interview. 4. Be persistent and determined in subsequent contacts If you have already passed a couple of weeks after your last call, as the employer of any hearing, nor the spirit, take the next call or message. Devise a suitable occasion: a concern that you will catch not because You're leaving on a business trip or vacation, you have changed phone number "is not closed if a vacancy?".

If there were no occasion, will not hesitate to simply remind myself. As always, be as polite and professional. 5. Find Jobs – work, too. Save names and contacts of employers, where you send a resume. Add them to the table and Record the date and results of all calls.

Your database should include a copy of vacancy announcement (it may already be removed from the Internet site). If you are applying for different positions and have developed several versions resumes and cover letters, note where and when a version has been sent. Keep a record to an unexpected call, not to be trapped. 6. Do not show annoying Subsequent calls will require more ingenuity. Feel fine line between persistence and annoying. To exercise restraint after the third or fourth ring. Do not lose hope if your efforts do not yield immediate results. Depending on the customer industry, title, and the number of candidates, the period between the announcement of a vacancy and an invitation for an interview may take up to several months! The applicant must be able to competently themselves to "sell". Your interest and Activity always bribe the leaders and distinguished you among other candidates. You must be able to submit itself to intrigue the employer. To do this, get as much information about the company, be aware of its affairs, Projects may prepare a short speech, the so-called "self-presentation." It's always more chances to be invited for an interview and beat the competition.

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