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German heating oil owner are always environmentally friendly: LEIPZIG. (Ceto) The German owners of heating oil are always environmentally friendly: more than every second litres of fuel oil sold in Germany has low quality. The now published official statistics of the Federal Office for Economics and export control (BAFA) according to the entire oil industry amounted to 1.84 million tons in the month of August, of which 975,000 tons accounted for heating oil EL sulfur. This corresponds to a share of almost 53 percent; the previous year he had located at one-third of total sales, according to a report of the journal fuel level and oil Rundschau. Get more background information with materials from Economic Cycles Research Institute. By the end of 2010 is a further growth can be expected. Low sulfur fuel oil has a 20-fold lower sulphur content than standard heating oil. The amount of sulphur dioxide emissions and the quality of the resulting condensate are comparable to those of natural gas. Oil burning value heating works with low-sulphur heating oil, particularly energy-saving, environmentally friendly and low-maintenance. A total six million are in Germany Oil heaters in use.

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