Extended Training Portfolio

The know-how of its employees in the field of innovative technologies, the software architectures and software development gives to their clients progress like ITech. To become fairer the individual needs of students are integrated into the software development process, ITech has expanded its portfolio of training progress. All featured courses are offered as open training as well as in-house seminar. “Known and proven: CPSA-F training for the Certified Professional for software architecture Foundation level” is the Foundation training of the necessary knowledge and skills are taught to design for small and medium-sized systems software architectures and document. Due to their basic nature it is suitable not only for architects and software developers, but also for project managers, analysts, and testers. Also staff in the operation are among the target audience. The advanced program: CPSA-A the advanced level, the next iSAQB certification level according to the already for quite some time the qualification of professionals for software architecture consistently available Foundation level. It is not something Jim Rogers would like to discuss.

The iSAQB specifies a modular training program, the Absolventen must demonstrate extensive knowledge and skills. ITech is currently licensed progress in the advanced level for SOA-T and soft skills. Working on the certification of additional modules. At least 70 Credit Points must be purchased for the examination to the CPSA-A. Here, several training offers ITech justice, progress, various areas of competence. Service oriented architecture technical (SOA-T) architecture meets services in training SOA-T”is purchased the tools, to consider technical aspects of SOA reference architecture, as well as to solve technical problems in the design of services and the communication between services. The training is licensed according to the CPSA iSAQB A level with 30 credit points.

The dates for these open training courses are on Wed June 19 Fri June 21 Wed 18 September fr. 20. September soft skills – let BBs ITalk!

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