What, man! What will! I also see you, although unlike other people I know that you are there. Do not be realise that I am a professional? Before I could interrupt him again, continued: what happens, I tell already, it is becoming more common in this society. It’s a phenomenon of solipsism, from social isolation. Increasingly we distance ourselves further from one another; actually we do not communicate at all with our neighbors, our co-workers, our relatives if he wants to tell you the truth, we care a cumin. So, quite simply, a good day we see them. Not suddenly, no way continued, but are no longer present for us. We look at them and it’s as if we do not see them. At the end, really now we cannot see them.

And in your case you, to what seems, people have left see you some time because you must be less sociable than average, or more retracted, or more selfish or for some other reason such. The psychiatrist should be satisfied with the explanation that just give me because he fumbled a slight blow, like a cat that desperezase after having realized a succulent mouse. And that is no solution? I inquired, a little more relaxed, knowing that my case other people was shared by many. Well not. That does not fix taking any pills or the like. It’s a phenomenon of collective conduct in our mass society. It is product of individualism and technology, loneliness and selfishness. Almost nothing, my friend! And what can I do? I asked, once again scared.

Take it easy, like me. Or is it that it is believed that I’ve been here all the time while you premiosamente told me a story that already I’ve heard countless times? For exploiting me that I saw I’ve allowed go to the lavatory, to make my needs. The truth is that never I grateful enough to the doctor your recommendation. Not me has healed, of course, but since I know what happens to me I try to provide more interest to people I want to see me and spend of all the others. At work, for example, I signed every day but most of them I spend them in the Park, with pigeons, that they do see me. Of course, that still not domino psychosocial invisibility technique. The other day, for example, di a pinch to an aunt who had been sitting in my Bank, as if I don’t exist. The slap that I arreo was ordago. There are other people, instead, that must perfectly master that technique of go unnoticed, since recently they robbed me twice the portfolio unless you have noticed. It is not that I intended to do the same but this psychological invisibility also has its benefits, are not created. By the way, already has checked that not is you same thing happening? To be honest, I will say that I do not see him at all.

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