Expat Community

The ex-pats in Russia have formed a class, becoming a kind of community, which has new and old residents, media, favorite restaurants, and clubs “for the”. Some people fall in love with Russia to stay, married Russian woman, and even went out of their companies, to avoid the rotation and stay here forever. Others resign themselves to the peculiarities of Russian life and yearned for his departure for home, but admitted: this country has a unique experience and brought them to the high wage level. It is curious that up until this year, the consequences crisis affected the expat is much less than the indigenous population. Number of legal labor migrants has increased rapidly over the last five years. According to official statistics, in 2005 Russia had 702 thousand immigrants who have permission to work in 2006 – 1014 thousand in 2007 – 2260 thousand people and only with the onset of crisis their number was slightly decreased: in 2008 – 2,081 thousand to the officially registered labor migrants have to add on more illegal immigrants – in the midst of seasonal work in Russia arrives 4-5 million migrant workers. Salary loop at the end of 2008 the economic situation in Russia worsened.

Premium in most companies, both domestic and foreign, pay stopped. Nevertheless, the guests here life was significantly better than at home. According to study commissioned last year by the British bank hsbc, 30% of expatriates working in Russia in the year received more than 250 thousand dollars.

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