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> Real earned 3,500 per month would be due a payment in the amount of 9.510. If the income but remained below the accepted minimum threshold, there is no money back hospital per diem rates for freelancers the sickness benefit insurance financial losses catches, resulting from a long illness due to the Elimination of wage and salary continued or self-employed work income. The insurance is offered by law as well as by private health insurance. Self-employed persons who are voluntarily legally insured, should face make contribution and performance page. Why? The calculation of the contribution assumes a minimum income of 1,800 euros per month. Even if the actual income far below is the post depends on this amount. The actual lower income will be paid against.

Who more than self Income in addition to his earned income who must pay contributions, which vary according to the amount of its income. Paid, but only after the pure labor income, set the payments. Conclusion: Self-employed persons with low income, entrepreneur and self-employed persons with other income pay contributions on income which are not secured on the paid sickness allowance. Private hospital daily benefit insurance can vote against exactly to the actual needs. Insurance serious diseases is a shock for the suspect the diagnosis, cancer, heart attack, stroke, or other serious illness. All of a sudden, everything will be different in life. Only one not: keep the running costs for living expenses.

Additional costs due to the illness is expected. Not always, disability occurs due to the illness, but a longer interruption of work is quite realistic. Provide for this case and protect yourself and your family from the financial risks of serious illness. We will show you what solutions you are interesting. Existence / business interruption insurance who bears responsibility as entrepreneurs, know that the own key function is the pivotal point for the functioning operation. What happens if you can generate no more income due to illness, accident, or by an officially prescribed quarantine over time? What is your income and that of your employees? Better one in this case provides: with an existence – and Betriebsunterbrechnungsversicherung that to help out financially when loss of earnings. We like to calculate the appropriate model. The failure of the Executive Director may charge particularly smaller LTDs economically strong hedging of the GmbH. Not only its competence and labour is missing, also his salary must be paid more. Two business leaders for a long time failed during a business trip – for example due to an accident, costs in terms of five come together quickly. Continued wage payment, which go far beyond the statutory six weeks are not uncommon. The risk for this performance to go into, can be intercepted by an insurance, takes over in the event of sickness. We like to explain which optimally covers your needs. The team of Turk insurance advice

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