Exchange Advego

Again broke out on kopirayterskoy Exchange Advego another scandal. Cry is that someone orders the article cheaper, and sells to another exchange, usually Tekstseyl (or in person to the customer) more expensive. And I thought – why people do not like middlemen? That is not just a thought, and tried to analyze. I think every one of us (myself included) prefer to rent an apartment without intermediaries, and will suffer a toad, knowing that someone resold your article twice as expensive, cool weld. On the other hand – very often the mediators save us time and money. We say the same copyright – yes, someone has sold your article more. Would you sell it yourself? Do you have a customer who would buy it? Oh-oh main moans are addressed to those who never orders the article packs for some tough customer. But on their own say – to get tough customer is very, very difficult.

This is time consuming, it’s a great portfolio. a constant searches, it should draw attention to themselves and to prove that you – whoever the customer needs In short, if you’re as outraged – why do not sell directly to their masterpieces, and are working on speculators? Sometimes I also work for dealers – in private or the whole office. And although no-no and yes kvaknet petty, but I do not have such contacts, they – are. And I can croak up blue in the face, but not this particular broker, my income is reduced. Incidentally, when we passed room, of course, I have not rummaged in the newspapers and not those who ‘will remove the room without intermediaries.

” Yes, they want – and why should I spend time on it? Called in a number of agencies and all. However, when very few years, staggered by rooms, apartments, these same mediators hated perfect hatred On the other hand, on what, how not to ‘genetic’ hostility to intermediaries, built half of campaigning variety ‘Gerbolayfov’? Here, please – for you goods without the middleman. You want – Eat yourself, you want – trading and cook. So where is the line between evil and the benefits of the mediators? Can I explain it? Thought and thought until the beginning not more than such a conclusion – the mediator becomes evil, when monopolizing the market and begins to regulate the prices like real estate agents today. Or when using the underdeveloped market, thoroughly borzeet. For example, almost anyone (except convinced antipiratov) prefer soft free or free pirated book, seeing how to send SMS-ka eats through intermediaries amount three times greater than the cost of the book! Generally, there are two categories of people whose services We often use, but which seriously dislike – lenders and brokers. Although the distinction between a mediator and speculators – a piece thin. How to conduct it, if there is no clear criteria, and everything here – subjectively?

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