Excellency Center

Institutions only known as excellency center can be specialized universities. The institutions not-colleges student: they act in a specific area of knowledge or professional formation. The creation of new superior courses depends on the authorization of the executive (Decree n 3,860/01, art. 13). institutions not-colleges student are composed for the Integrated Facultieses, Federal Centers of Educao Tecnolgica (CEFETS) and for the Superior Justinian codes of Education and the Centers of Educao Tecnolgica (CETS). The Integrated Facultieses are institutions with curricular proposals that enclose a knowledge area more than, organized to act with common regiment and unified command (Decree n 3,860/01). The Superior Justinian codes of Education aim at to the formation initial, continued and complementary for the teaching of the basic education, and offer to courses and programs: superior Normal course for licenciatura of professionals for the infantile education and initial series of basic education; course of licenciatura for the formation of professors of the final years of basic education and average education. Isolated facultieses are institutions that, in general, develop one or more courses with proper and distinct statutes for each one of them.

SUPERIOR EDUCATION DISTANCE To each day the Institutions of Superior Education IES are investing in a new modality of education that is the long-distance Education EAD. 12 ' ' The education in the distance is a new educative modality, is a pedagogical alternative that does not come to substitute the actual education, but is fruit of a series of determination gifts in the current period of training of scientific, economic development (of the complex productive forces), politician, cultural, miditico and educacional' '. (S, 2001 apud BEILER; LAGE; MEDEIROS, 2003, P. 69). Had to the advance technological exacerbado, each time more the education in the distance has approached to actual education which had the possibility of the society to be able to perfect itself in any area of education, since the institutions are developing diverse modalities of education since the courses of graduation and until the courses stricto sensu, in way that becomes attractive the pupils due flexibility of physical presence in classroom and an independent reorganization of space and time of study, legitimizing each time more education in the distance.

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