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In other words: in the field of exchanging politician one rich and complex reality expected to be studied, analyzed and interpreted. The process of political exchange in electoral moments occurs between citizens and candidates or political elites to occupy positions of power in government structures. The candidates offer better public policies, possible solutions to solve problems of public interest, expectations for a better future or best politico-profesionales profiles. For its part, in this process of Exchange, citizen offers from back and vote, to direct support to become involved in the proselytizing efforts of candidates and parties. The process of political communication includes all the efforts carried out by candidates and parties to persuade the electorate and get the vote in their favor, in which Excel propaganda ads in electronic media, PT of fences, pennants, utilitarian objects and endless means of propaganda.

Campaign plans include the diagnosis of the socio-political market, objectives and goals that seek to achieve, strategies and specific actions to meet these objectives, as well as proselytising actions that must be performed to meet the goals. The mechanisms of access to political power in a democratic framework and the process of legitimacy of ruling elites are other aspects of this field of knowledge, as well as the instruments, methods and strategies for research on the political market. There is no doubt that all the basic fundamentals of the market are used specifically to the objective to study, lean principles, tools provided by market research. This requires that those who delve into applying the fundamentals of markets to political, must have basic knowledge of the function of markets… As previously cited, confirms it Valdes Zepeda, when we It invites not to neglect, which as a specialized field of knowledge, the object of study of political marketing is not yet well-defined, since it takes up many of the concepts and categories of commercial marketing, political psychology, communication sciences and political sciences.

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