Ethics And Business. Firmness In Deciding

Since the beginning of mankind moral standards have affected people in varying degrees and have determined the way of life and human behavior in all areas. Ethics, as a science whose object of study is related to human actions and their supposed goodness or badness, have determined how to conduct themselves in business, becoming, rather, applied ethics. One area in which business ethics has come to occupy a very special place. While business ethics has some points in common with the law and medicine, such as being uncertain implementation of a series of rather general ethical principle of utility and duty, the business has an interest related to the human enterprise and therefore, many authors do not consider it a noble ethical values. Values such as greed sparked an alarm among thinkers since the time of Cicero, in relation to commercial transactions. Moreover, for some thinkers inconceivable that business ethics and could relate in some way. However, while greed might arouse suspicion, not the only value at stake. So are a number of positive values such as honesty, sincerity, and truth.

In this sense, there is no business without ethics. For without honesty in business transactions or without sincerity and truth to make a sale, there is no business to withstand a long term business relationship. For this reason, it is imperative to remember that corruption cancels any possibility of business, because it destroys freedom and healthy competition spot. Fortunately, more and more companies perceive this situation and promote good conduct policy even staff for their customers, and the company itself. Honesty, truth and honesty are values that should neutralize the greed because in the long term, the reputation and reliability of the company will report more benefits economically. Ultimately it is every entrepreneur, every business person who must whether performance targets and demonstrate a commitment to ethical standards in the business world, not to mention the benefits in the short and medium term implies the observance of them by all parties involved.

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