Empire Conflict

The war of Paraguay was the maneuver crueler politics of the history of our nation, because it obtained in so little time to exterminar one high number of blacks. The proprietors of slaves, for example, had obtained to burlar the determination of the Empire to not sending for the conflict its children men. Of this form, each gentleman of captives had substituted the probable participation of its creates legitimate in the war, sending in its places the children bastards, fruits of relationships with slaves. It is important also to stand out that to obtain other souls the empire usufructed of two tactics to enlist individuals for the death in the War of Paraguay. The first one presented for periodicals of the time, as ‘ ‘ The Cabrio‘ ‘ , for example, it described the ardilosas occured parties in public squares for the Empire, celebrations these, carried through with second intentions, armed one coreto, distribuam dainties and drinks under an excuse any e, when the band touched livening up the people, the policy surrounded the place, imprisoning the incautos and sending them the battalions to it of ‘ ‘ voluntrios’ ‘ for guerra#. These events, as Chiavenato (1993) was routine in all the domestic territory, mainly in the great cities, being omitted episodes as these of our official historiografia. It would be more or less as the history of the citizen that stops capturing a rat placed a piece of cheese in a mousehole, the rodent attracted by the odor of the food finished being captured. Lohn when writing a referring chapter to this conflict in the book History of Santa Catarina de Proncher and Arend describes the situation where if they found the Brazilian soldiers in Paraguayan fields. For it the troops sent for the neighboring country were formed basically by the parcels more explored and discriminated of the population, notadamente ‘ ‘ blacks and mestios’ ‘ , where these were sent for the conflituosa region in conditions sub-humanas#.

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