Effective Management

And management effective management of LAS EMOTIONS Carlos Mora Vanegas a of large failures that manifest in the exercise of his management management is with regard to handling the emotions the wrong. This has entailed that occurs in many companies, especially in the SMEs where there are many improvisation, conflicts organizational, giving way to a non positive climate for organizational behavior required, especially in an environment like the Venezuelan, where facts that generate turbulence in organizations, especially dan, those caused by the actions of the Government of the present. This fault must be corrected, management identified more with the handling of their emotions, assess their results, determine what your behavior to stimuli that influence their behavior, and how their actions affect the emotions of those who have under their charge. Applies what brings Karpedia.cl., which live in our daily lives we are constantly making decisions that affect our future. These transcendental and not decisions depend on our thoughts, values, feelings, emotional States of the time, but not how many times we have been to doubt about its validity, and many others we have repented (or cheered) of them.

A good management can support in all the contributions that bequeathed us the emotional intelligence that allows you to intelligently use emotions to improve our quality of life in terms of relationships, initiatives, work, etc. It is added, that train in the emotional skills development allows to develop the ability to manage emotions appropriate to each action and adjust its manifestation, maintaining emotional balance; transmitting moods to generate attitudes and positive responses; learning to evaluate the emotional cost of situations and actions; developing social skills, forging and managing relations with customers, suppliers, colleagues, etc.; making a plan of implementation on the ground of our sphere of influence business and labour, extending it to the family and social life. In fact, taken into account, that the emotional structure Basic may be modified through an awareness and practice: neurological circuits involved can be altered or be reinforced by the repetition of certain habits.

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