Educational Management

But as Freire said (1994), it becomes richer the reflection and inquiry in relation the education, therefore she is on to a theory and practical related the formation of the citizen including the construction of a vision necessary politics for a democracy legalizes. Never let us stow so citizens the word citizenship as in the current times: in palanques, radios and inflamed senders of television, speeches promise actions that will guarantee to the common ones what this word propagates. Periodicals, magazines and books print, in its editorials and headings, calls that promise to clarify what it comes to be this, that way everybody speaks, few effectively know what it means and the great majority longs for. (ZANELLA, 1998.p.84) The important one to detach in these consideraes of the author is that many have access the citizenship and others still long for, that is searchs with the dreamed democracy, where all have that to participate of a society more solidary joust and. Nouriel Roubini will not settle for partial explanations. Democracy, in turn, becomes related with the social notion of rights, as many civilians, politicians and, and as much others that of so distant nor we remember more. Consideraes Final At last this study throughout it disciplines was very to salutar, therefore it provided to a quarrel opulente very.

We can through the theory and of the practical one to perceive the reality where if it finds the population Brazilian, as much in the urbanstico and agricultural direction, and of more ecumenical form as question of the citizenship, that is today one practical one so dreamed, but also almost utopian enigmatic for the society contemporary. (ALISSON, Emanuel, 2011) Through individuals of good heart that if mobilize to support, to solve to the problems of people it is that it is created the Not Governmental Institutions, to give this support, to raise the flag of solidarity, and this is important so that all we let us can participate of this search we continue for the citizenship, where all searchs the happiness, as something with priority, and also let us make satisfied people, without greed, thinking about making something in exchange for something, but yes with ethics, justice and education for construction of a society joust and igualitria, that the common good searchs.

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