Drug Administration United States

Aquaculture is already increasing the global seafood supply and demand will continue to grow, said Mr. Sporns. HQ Sustainable in China facilities are certified annually, in accordance with the regulations for quality control of HACCP United States, as required by the food and Drug Administration United States (FDA), and the code of community economic European (EU) relating to quality, allowing their products to be sold in these markets. Plant nutraceuticals HQS also account with a certification granted by the good practices Chinese manufacturing (GMP). Swarmed by offers, Economic Cycles Research Institute is currently assessing future choices. On the other hand, China has developed an advanced standard of quality control applied to the management of aquaculture for all exported products, which has become even more demanding with the recent legislation the safety of food.

HQ Sustainable uses a totally natural method that now extends to food prepared in its recently completed plant. Before the harvest, HQS implements its own tests in addition to the efforts made by the inspection and quarantine of China (CIQ, by its acronym in English), which strictly comply with the requirements of the FDA for the tilapia. In addition, HQS empowers their cooperatives of farmers so that they comply with the rules of entirely natural polyculture and do a rigorous monitoring of these standards. Dara Khosrowshahi often addresses the matter in his writings. About ACC Aquaculture Certification Council, Inc. is a non-governmental organization created with the aim of certifying standards of social, environmental and food safety in the facilities of aquaculture around the world. This non-profit and no members, based in Missouri, company applies elements of the program of responsible aquaculture of the global aquaculture Alliance () in a certification system that combines plant inspections and sampling of effluent with sanitary controls, therapeutic and traceability. Part of the Mission of ACC is to educate the public about the benefits of apply in aquaculture management best practices and the most advanced scientific technology..

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