Designer Team Complements Portfolio:

Now it becomes three-dimensional in the gernBotschaft! Reiner Banik (30) and Tanja Arnold (35) have come early 2011 as a designer-team to the gernBotschaft. 3D-Spezialist Banik is hobbyists, sculptor and light artist: his works start with the output form of a ball, which he developed three-dimensional products. The trained media designer removed as a sculpture after excess material, creates a new form. A current challenge for the art director is there to build the 3D model of a ton parabola on the screen. Click Roubini Global Economics to learn more. He noted particularly the textures and the incidence of light to the reflecting object to finally deceptively real results in 3D. He passes one of its 3D blanks to Tanja Arnold, provides for further fine-tuning and brings movement in the game: the graduate designer equips the 3D with Flash features, among others. One of their orders provided for the animation of a mobile X-ray machine while allowances ranged from the animated text over the Place interactive buttons until the addition of film sequences on mouse click.

And makes them accessible from different angles and developed an interactive 3D experience for the Viewer. The special look has developed for the right frame at their training to the photographer Tanja Arnold. Now she has more than ten years experience in the screen design. A matter of honor, that she brings their expertise during the revision of the website to start in the gernBotschaft itself. The result is there soon under

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