Decorative Concrete

Decorative concrete is one of the most important areas of modern construction is the search for new materials that could combine the best indicators of strength, but with it have a great look. Of course, traditionally prized natural minerals – stone, granite, marble, but they are very expensive and therefore not too much demand for the broad mass of consumers. Sidewalk tiles – more than a budget solution, but it is either limited in color and figure, or durable enough. But there is the best option, which is used for a long time and meet the highest requirements – decorative concrete. This material appeared in the U.S. in the 60's, then was used in the UK, and then began the worldwide march to take a worthy place in the market of construction products. Experts in various fields, from designers to engineers, have recognized the surprising possibilities of decorative concrete, with which you can achieve amazing effects in a relatively short period of time and spending a reasonable amount of money. It should be noted that this material was developed for rapid construction of airstrips U.S.

military aircraft, and therefore of great importance was given to indicators of strength. And they are really impressive: – Storage is 2-3 times higher load compared to pressed paving slab – Resistance to chemical elements, mineral oils, fats and acids – Exceptional frost is guaranteed up to 300 cycles of freezing – Not being erased transport drugs and people; – Permitted temperature range: -40 to +40 degrees; – Protection from UV radiation – Low degree of deformation. All these features allow the use of concrete in both residential and industrial construction, and in the very different capacity.

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