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Optimization and promotion of web sites allows a resource to lead the list of issuing search engine results on one or another key request to draw on the website as much as possible visitors. One of the basic procedures for promotion of web search engine project is the construction of its core grammar or choice of keywords, according to which will be implemented search promotion services. Sometimes it may seem that to make the selection of key phrases are suitable for promotion in search engines – is quite simple. In reality, this process may require a specialist on the promotion and and promotion of sites of specific knowledge about the specific needs of different search engines. After all, web site promotion comes into contact with such well-known phenomenon, which is competition, so just to move Web site has a fairly popular subjects treated with the utmost care. Selection of the main requests for the promotion of such a site is complicated by the fact that, by choosing the most popular among them, can be left with nothing, because the leading position in the list of extradition requests in one way or another will be owned by larger companies. Therefore, in this case web optimizers are specially designed circuit search keywords for promotion of Internet sites that are able to ensure the effectiveness of promotion of Internet projects in the search engines.

In addition, promotion and search engine optimization sites is usually determined by not only in the choice of key phrases, and the number of their usage. In fact the more words on the site to promote the project on the web, the greater must be its top in the list of issue, but this opinion on the progress of Internet projects search engines is not true, because too frequent use of key phrases for promotion of the website may lead to a completely opposite result – the search engine will recognize this as a spam site and remove all its visualization in the lists issued. It is very difficult to see how traffic will be at the end of optimization and site promotion, because in addition to accommodation keywords for promoting the project in the search network to its position and will affect a large number of other factors, such as from the appearance of the products offered and its subjects. Another result of promoting web sites depend on advertising information or reference database. Thus, the correct choice of keywords to search promotion web site is very important. In order to maximize the positive effect in promoting Internet sites need to pick them up by the following rules. Choose the key requests, consisting of more than 2 words.

This will improve the effectiveness of promotion of the site on the web, as users of search engines rarely use queries from the first word. In the process of promotion of sites in search engines do not use the high demands which make your site compete with large companies. You can not trust unchecked optimizers perform website promotion. Moscow (in collaboration with other regions) sufficiently zealous to this kind of negligence. For the capital advance is extremely important, therefore to the list, the optimizer should be approached deliberately.

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