Children Learning to Read

* Every six books form a series of books. The six books of a series of go together, because the repeated words or phrases are distributed to the various books of the series, so that the children encounter familiar words in ever new narrative context. Thus, a sense of achievement possible and to avoid boredom or weariness. * The books for the children each contain a finished story, the stories are all the main characters – Three siblings, her parents and her dog – combined. The clear structure of the stories making the children to understand easily the most surprising and amusing end promotes their enjoyment of reading. * In the books, a very close connection between drawing and text.

This supports the children especially at the beginning of learning to read is to understand the importance of the written word to recognize words and speculate what will happen next. * The stories in avoiding to program refer to the everyday world and experiences of children in Grundschulalter.Ab the fifth leseb is a "magic key" to the game experience with the main figures of fantastic adventures that are written not only fascinating and the imagination of the reader stimulate, but also promote their own creative story-writing. * In the stories used a natural-sounding language that makes the authentic text and that can serve as a model for his own speech, particularly for children with non-German Native language. Much of the used words and phrases will be repeated frequently, but without this being boring for the children. The syntax follows the scheme of subject-predicate-object.

Both help the children to develop important reading for liquid capacity to anticipate what will come next word (prediction). From reading level to reading level, the volume of words and increased the difficulty of the sentences, so that the children broaden their vocabulary and their reading and language skills more and more. Verbs come at first only in the imperative or the present, from level 2, the simple past (preterite) is used. Avoiding to entice children to read books. By appealing drawn and highly detailed images and the exciting and humorous stories told the children see love of reading and a strong motivation, more. The concept of avoiding to be the children succeed. They are happy that understand what is in their book and they are proud that they read one, correct 'book could. Thereby acting together curiosity, enjoyment of reading and a sense of achievement and make the best drive for learning, there is. The program is for avoiding to avoiding to-Verlag Hannover available. On the website you will find detailed information an extract from each reading level, and you can order the materials directly. Learn to love reading by avoiding to learn to read by avoiding to

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