Celsius Construction

During the time that we are on the market, we have gained considerable experience in this area. We carry out the construction of houses as standard on projects, and customized. The most reasonable and effective option – it is ordered as designing and building a house of logs from one company. Please contact us with your project or your sketch, we give you advice and if necessary, make recommendations, as well as help make the necessary changes to ensure the reliability of your future home. The company "Artstroybyuro" individual approach to each client. We always provide you with all information necessary to calculate all the options, show photos, catalogs constructed facilities, will demonstrate materials in the office or on site. Mainly used for stoitelstva Round logs building in Moscow and Moscow region which is carried out on an industrial scale.

Special mention deserves the foundation of the house made of logs to get started is to say that the very his foundation has significant weight in the total cost estimate for construction of houses made of logs. However, when logs for home construction substantially saves on construction foundation when compared to the brick house. When building a log home you can apply different types of foundations, but most often recommended for shallow-buried basement tape, which is made of reinforced concrete. Such a foundation is laid in a concrete strip around the perimeter of the house to a depth of one meter. Such a foundation – the most common in the construction of wooden structures.

The application of this foundation reduces the cost base of almost 2-fold, compared to deep foundations. Once the foundation poured, it must gain the required strength. At about twenty degrees Celsius concrete is gaining strength semidesyatiprotsentnuyu after seven days. Therefore, build a log house in the summer can begin within a week after the foundation was poured. In winter, use spetsdobavki in concrete, allows you to dial necessary strength, even at low temperatures. Homes that are built of logs, "breathe" in them much longer to retain heat, compared to homes that were built from other materials. In wooden house temperature change always happens slowly.

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