Thinking about investment funds believe always in the same, in that we know that they are or for serving and that we do not need to be savvy to invest and even if this is true I recommend you to be informed at the time of wanting to start investing, so you can better understand that is what will be happening with your background and to understand a little of the language of the financial group to which you drive. Financial groups make you practically everything, they are responsible for providing you the information you need to choose the Fund which will invest, they recommend you best according to your needs and keep you informed about the journey of your wallpaper. These financial groups have a wide portfolio of investment funds, since up to international venues, in which you can invest your money. There are many types of investment funds and each has characteristics that conform to the different needs of different investors. All the funds we can categorize them in 3 different categories and they are as follows:-equity: are the funds that invest in speculative markets in the purchase and sale of shares in the stock market of securities, commodities, metals, etc. On many occasions it gives you better performance than the debt investment funds but the risk is higher. -Debt: these funds invest in debt, whether private or governmental, for example in CETES. -Coverage: these funds invest in foreign currency, lately more respondent is the euro.

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