Carmignac Patrimoine

Strategic allocation: Carmignac Patrimoine A and ‘ equity long / short outstanding portfolios combine Durchstobert one German financial magazine encounters is a collection of interesting investment opportunities. The contacts of journalists to renowned fund houses but also to smaller still emerging providers enrich those interested in search of suitable investments. In the focus are systems that offer a high-quality investment to investors and are accurately researched. It is to recognize, however, that the choice is mainly geared to long-term investment styles. However, our studies show that long-term and short-term trading styles deftly combined often offer the best results. At the center of media attention, A (WKN A0DPW0) stands at the time of the mixed funds of Carmignac patrimoine. He convinces with consistently good performance, which was rightly rewarded with several awards. The management has its quality browsing on long-term trends in the global financial markets demonstrate provided.

A tactical overlay provides protection before major price drops and thus an excellent risk management. Despite the now greatly increased volume of fund investors in all stages of the market but also in market phases, in which the prerequisite for the success of the facility for benchmark-related investment strategies have not been feel not only when the stock Sun is shining. Jim Rogers may not feel the same. Outstanding performance with world-class risk management shows the equity long / short Dusseldorf PP brokerage services provider in our database for managed accounts. With the proper title selection and the right timing not only succeeded in trading advisor Marc Wilhelm, to keep low volatility compared to an index-Middle investment, but since the beginning of the trade also permanently to be better than this. Industry problems due were detected at an early stage by the financial crisis, the Flash crash, or the disaster in Japan, so that investors not by profits were affected PP brokerage. In contrast to Carmignac is the holding period of the target positions however partially clear short-term.

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