Business Plan

There are numerous resources for presentation to accompany the oral presentation that allow a multimedia display that will help the audience to hit. The written document: the written version of the business plan can be delivered at the beginning or at the end of the oral presentation. Be sure to have enough copies for everyone. The document may consist of a folder (there are many options on the market; use a modern) or can be bound with girdling or binder. Slides: slides are a classic and effective way to make a visual presentation. The images are photographic quality. Stroke adjustment is achieved through remote control.

Overhead projector with transparencies: is an alternative to the slides, which has been generalized by the facility to produce transparencies with a personal computer and an inkjet printer. The images are of lesser quality, but this system has the advantage that you can write on the transparencies. Multimedia projections: is the latest trend in presentations. It allows the expansion of the computer images, and also incorporates animation and sound. Presentations can be contracted specialists or prepared with the help of a presentation software. Video: some images, such as landscapes, animation, facilities and production processes, are best understood with video. A television and a video are sufficient, although if the audience exceeds 25 people, you may need to rent multiple monitors or a videowall. The video should be used as a stand to achieve greater understanding by the audience.

However, it is very difficult to keep the thread of the Conference in the way in which the projections, slide shows or computerized presentation do video. Blackboards, whiteboards or flipcharts: it is always good to have a place to write. Presentations on computer or projected are effective but leave little room for the spontaneous. A place to plot thoughts, assumptions and relationships is not over.

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