Business Management

What difficult choice the develop a product or service. How many months of work involved. How much personal effort. How much hard saved money is put into play. How many illusions. Is the launch of a product a game of chance? Can we help the success with business management? How should we do it? In this article I will explain how to increase the chances of success of a product or service. The single application of these concepts will save you thousands of dollars, futile efforts and frustrations.

I have developed many products and services in all these years of entrepreneur. Some were excellent and some not so. However that was not the common denominator that determined the commercial success of the goods. Some products of very good quality, functionality, and price were resounding failures. Other products released with little investment and development and acceptable but not outstanding qualities have been successful and gave rise to further develop them, make improvements and thus transform them in quality products. Something that if he accompanied and was the skipper or common denominator products that achieved good sales and profitability was unsatisfied demand. Or is that you must always focus on needs, solve problems but main and basically meet the demands of your target market.

Because many times people don’t know that you need, sometimes unaware of the products that meet your needs and is also true that, knowing what you need, this does not coincide with what you want. And the flesh is weak, human beings prefer to choose what they want to about what you need. I’ll give an example to clarify this point, I know all the virtues of water and the need for water to be healthier, so and all prefer sodas, juices or flavored waters. Do I know what consumption? You guessed, everything but water. The same applies to the decision of purchase of the majority of products, it is usually a more emotional or visceral than logical and rational decision. What you should do to increase the chances of success in the marketing of particular goods is to be very attentive to the demands of the market. Detected once demand tries to make a poll to reinforce your first sensation and improve aim. This will allow you to adapt the good so close as possible to the ideal that your potential customer has in mind. Then creates a product or service that meets that demand and launch it as soon as possible, although it is not perfect. There will be time improve it later following trends if the market requires it. I suggest you to apply this concept provided that you think to develop a product. Let me your questions and comments, I will read them and I will reply personally.

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