" At the same time, few realize that these thoughts – the result of propaganda sexual promiscuity, which the media passes for sexual freedom. A What may be the absence of freedom of choice? Is it freedom when hammered through the TV is only one world – one-sided thinking patterns and behaviors? Everyone must decide for itself which goals seek, as promiscuity and marital happiness – are mutually exclusive goals. Of course, you can not deny that sexual promiscuity 'cool' and meets people at the level of animal instinct, only a world is a big 'negative', because the habit of preventing sexual partner intimacy with his half. And even in the event of an outbreak of mutual nature of love, the pair are unlikely to get close enough personality, that after the expiry of the natural love, in its place came conjugal love (unfortunately, few people understand the meaning of the term) – a guarantee of marital happiness! Former lover, ready to go yesterday for each other on all, after the natural biochemical term can only throw up your hands, 'Gone to a bright all-consuming love, how to go on living with a stranger who begins to irritate already just with your presence? " Usually, or divorce, doomed to life of children in single-parent family, or to retain a semblance of marital intimacy, trying (not feed without the business): extramarital sex, open marriages and guest. Often try to diversify marital sex life role playing, BDSM, bisexual and svingerskimi 'fun'. And soon, thanks to 'advanced' sexologists and other businessmen, parasitic on the people on illiteracy love and marriage and the eternal quest for their family happiness will cease to be rare these reviews: "I have a good husband – the other day and he invited the stripper gladly watched as we had sex in various positions, including Oral …

'' I have a good wife – for an anniversary she gave me a prostitute and then she joined us in threesome … If you would like to know more about Seth Fisher Hong Kong, then click here. 'Gamologiya – the science of family happiness – can help contemporaries understand the issues of love and marriage, reveal the causal relationships in this area. But who needs it? Or rather, who wants to understand the results of studies gamologicheskih if the media is constantly hammered: "Take everything from life! ',' You have not tried!" Not to mention the numerous religious sects with a 'sexual' deviation and Buddhist workshops, during which 'liberated sexual energy' participants in sex with each other. After all, the easiest to play on the sexual instinct to seduce young sexual diversity that includes more lesbian, geyskie, bisexual, svingerskie, gerontofilnye pedofilnye and joy. Articles on the same topic on the articles 'about love and the problems'

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