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In the manufacture process the Specification acts as to one it arrives in port to characterize the physical form of the product being indicated the limits and extremities of the same. In this way it is looked to establish a standardization to be followed and to be divulged. The simplification nothing more is of what eliminating the unnecessary one to the well determined production of, making with that the material use is the involved essential in the process manufacter, thus preventing the existence of models that for being superfluous, burden the cost of what essential. This process of simplification is valuable for the industry therefore reduces expense in the production line, what it does not occur when does not have the simplification is the extreme expense and error in the process, therefore to standardize is necessary to simplify. The standardization is an instrument very used to uniformizar the size, type, quality and dimension. Following the norms of the ABNT- (Brazilian Association of Norms Techniques), getting advantage to produce with minor cost, in scale, improvement of the quality and satisfying the customer who will more receive a good with the monetary value in account. Inside of the process of easy manufacture the metodolgicos ways and models, follow it correlation between specifying, simplifying and to standardize something that says respect the obligatoriness to impose a model that does not harm the unit of the set.

Knowing of this the standardization it requires the establishment of standards, models, types, forms. Therefore the specification of the physical products is excellent to be developed for the production area. In the standardization process, the diversification is worrying the man due to the way where it lives where until the thought it is processed of form that the perceptions that are printed by the industry, that leaves the human being in shock.

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