Balearic Islands

Spain Select presents its new website with a sophisticated system of reservations in Real time new Spain Select website is now available in English and Spanish and it has been renewed completely so that users can more easily find the property that best meets your needs and desires, as well as search for apartments or villas according to different criteria such as price range and location. The launch of the new and improved web site Spain Select marks a milestone in the development of the company, being an essential component of its expansion plans. With a growing portfolio of nearly 250 properties for rent, from sumptuous villas on the Spanish coast and the Balearic Islands and rental of luxury apartments in Madrid, Valencia and Sevilla until charming chalets and lavish properties in the North of Spain, Sandra Cabello, Director General de Spain Select, explains: our new website is much more than a showcase where exhibit our fine properties: it is a last generation management system with a system of reserves in real time. It was conceived with the purpose of improving our service both for our current customers as for those who visit for the first time the web site and, at the same time, facilitate administrative processes and communication with the owners of the properties. The new and sophisticated Spain Select online booking system allows users to perform searches according to different criteria such as date of rental, duration of stay, location, number of rooms or property type.

Thanks to its cutting-edge technology, system allows customers and representatives of the company perform and manage your reservations with ease. According to hair, to register in the system for free, users can perform locks without obligation of purchase, reservations and payments online. Home page of the website of Spain Select shows the portfolio of apartments for rent in Madrid. Jim Rogers wanted to know more. Other areas of business of the company (Valencia, Seville and Villas) is they are hosted on subdomains, strategic decision which makes allusion hair: as our portfolio grows and expands, we realize the need for and the benefit of having an individual site for each of our business areas.

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