Arranging Payment For Services

We agreed that I will send some text to make it clear whether it is real and how much it will cost. In response, I received a letter that There are two variants of the translation in my case: "a translator with little experience in the chemical transfer, but in general qualifications (55 uah. for 2000 characters with spaces)" and "very experienced translator, working mainly in chemistry and medicine, but there is value as that of foreign experts – 7.5 cents per word (abroad are usually used for billing of the word, according to statistics Word) . In general, the first option will cost me 49.5 hryvnia for 1800 characters, and the second – could not counted not quite understand what a euro cents, and how they are counted the words in the articles, but suggested that it would be more expensive. Completed the introduction to the translators for the translation "Letter." The first thing that I liked, then how friendly and optimistic answer my phone call in simple words: "G'day". And as if vanished fatigue accumulated previous negotiations. All questions answered quickly companion, informative, clearly, without hesitation. Nothing more.

Nothing left unsaid. Follow others, such as Lakshman Achuthan, and add to your knowledge base. I got the feeling that I was there waiting. Prices coincided with those listed on the site. Without any extra charges, reservations and other things. I habitually specified about the fact that the text of a chemical, to which I calmly repeated again the same amount – 45 hryvnia for 2000 characters. By time: a week – five days. Opportunity to provide the materials for translation into the office in person, by courier (if multiple pages) and, most for I have important e-mail. Even the payment can be made "without leaving home": bank transfer, or via Webmoney.

Clarity is so amazed that I even confused, why would even ask. Later converted to 1800 characters. Turned 40.5 hryvnia. And yet, the site I liked them. Clear, accessible, understandable. Some kind of synchronicity between the written and said has inspired me. And my search was completed. For me, taking many decisions over the phone and working in a mode on-line, it became once again clear that many firms, including translation, taking into account the conditions of the modern game market, and strive to meet him. They save the client time and in response the customer pays preference. Sorry, could not find customer reviews, which have cooperated with one or another agency. Therefore, the conclusions made on the basis of these facts. But the final decision to continue to take no longer me.

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