Area Faces

* To identify those activities and key capabilities to bring satisfaction to customers and be successful in the market. Use a benchmarketing for do internal and external comparisons that allow you to: * assess that as well is the company developing its activities. To compare the cost structure of the company with their rivals. * Evaluate how it fits the value chain of the company within its industry value system. * Adjust and improve its value chain to react to strategic and tactical movements of competitors in their value chains. It shall then be clear to the manager that the other companies in your industry value chains will depend on the trajectory of these, in their strategies, their skills and that competitive advantage arises not only within your company, but also outside of this. It is also very important, considering that it is what determines the cost of activities in a value chain cost of developing each of the activities of a value chain can flow from forward or backward in the chain, depending on two types of factors: * structural cost drivers * economies of scale. Curve effects of experience.

** The technological requirements. ** The intensity of capital. ** The complexity of the production line. Workable cost drivers * commitment to Salesforce with continuous improvement. ** The attitudes and capabilities with regard to quality. ** Cycle time to launch new products to the market. ** The efficiency to design and execute your internal business processes.

** The efficiency of the company in working with suppliers, distributors and/or customers in cost reduction. It must also be clear in regards that it involves obtaining information for the strategic analysis of cost information for this purpose is a wonderful task, as it requires to break down information on the cost of implementation of departmental cost accounting: * specific activities. To adopt the system of costing based on activities (ABC). (What is intended to take the ABC costing is to trace and not assign as in the traditional accounting system, the costs of specific tasks and activities of the value chain.) * Teaching graduate Area Faces postgraduate, University of Carabobo Exatec-annotations of topical modern management, program specialty quality management and productivity, virtual classroom, 2009 original author and source of the article.

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