American Classmates

Almost a year I spent on the road and has written many stories that are broadcast on a popular radio now. Network, of course, reduce the distance. I now I spend more time at home with my family. "What and who else may be useful and interesting new network? Rector believes that admission. "In recent years, come to us because of the prestige, but then either maintain workload, especially the language or understand the second and third courses, that international relations, diplomacy, journalism – not their element, said Torkunov, go to other universities. We hope that the new network, which will also be available and applicants, will help to become better acquainted with their future profession, will give boys and girls the opportunity before exams "cooks" in our diplomatic kitchen, "Social networking is already working in It registered more than 5,000 users. "Of course, this is quite a bit by the standards of millions, Facebook or Classmates – says Schlesinger, but because we have a private club and its composition is determined not by the number of participants, and their reputation, professional affiliation. However, access to the club will be open to graduates of other universities, we are now working on arrangements.

"According to the creators of MGIMO Club, the project combines all the most the best there is in other social networks, allowing to solve a wide range of problems – from communication and make friends before service clubs and business contacts. It provides file-sharing feature, video is forum and chat. In addition to user pages present news, as well as a variety of clubs. Network MGIMO understood, utilitarian and non-profit project. But he came just at a time when some social networks are gaining popularity, while others already on the decline.

"Classmates copy unpretentious American, creators of which have positioned his creation as a platform for finding business contacts. In fact, many users are in the face of an old friend, with whom did not speak a thousand years of common interest. LJ – has long been an alternative source of information for millions of people. But, eventually, turned into a tool for gaining public recognition of all sorts of personalities at times imperceptible, – says creative director of ProAct Media Gleb Kotov. And my classmates, and Learn to history. In their place came Facebook (his clone – VKontakte) which allows people to simultaneously search for lost friends, and self-actualization, and – forming its own unique information strip with close-minded people. Unparalleled source of most timely information was twitter. "

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