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VAD signs distribution agreement with ControlGuard Sailauf, 26 August 2009 PCs and laptops are unprotected in company against attacks from the inside out frequently. With access to these endpoints, it is possible to download vertraulichste data, for example, on portable devices such as MP3 players or CDs, etc. The value added distributor Intellicomp has recorded a data loss prevention(DLP)-Losung Access Manager (EAM) from ControlGuard with the endpoint in its portfolio, which effectively eliminates a such data Miss use. The focus of the partnership is marketing in the German-speaking world. Any user who has access to the endpoints, can download protected information or infect them with malware via portable and removable media (CDs, memory modules, etc.). ControlGuard EAM applying it is a DLP endpoint solution to monitor, manage and secure interfaces and endpoints of individual computers or entire networks.

The software provides a comprehensive protection against unauthorized access, etc. Unauthorized data removal and malicious code attacks. Central Administration clearly regulated the endpoint Access Manager is centrally deployed and managed. Security administrators are so capable of application rules clear to define and control, download information on the endpoints based on this or be uploaded. EAM including shields your network from dangerous malware. Such rules-based control of endpoint access to portable devices or removable media effectively prevents an unauthorized use of confidential company data. The solution secures the network by prohibiting unauthorized access through wireless modems, WiFi and Bluetooth, or other interfaces.

EAM is suitable for the use in companies of any size. More information is available controlguard.html available at. About Intellicomp: Value added distributor and experienced specialist for enterprise security Intellicomp stands as a solution partner its IT – reseller and manufacturer partners advice, as well as with the appropriate support in the day-to-day business to the page. In focus the implementation of the legal requirements is specifically for the German market, in developing as well as in the integration and operation of solutions. While Intellicomp focuses on the areas of data protection, data security, data archiving and data management. Modular, proven specifically by the specialist solutions are used.

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