Accounting Labor

But a grand total working time (the sum of the column 'work (hours)') working hours of time-based decoding of the day, in which time the schedule is 0, will not participate. Therefore, Accounting for the edit form work with manual adjustment, similar to that described above for time on the weekend schedule is necessary to enter timephased transcript type 'Work Output' or manually adjust the time schedule. The cell 1060 displays data obtained from the timecard employees during the selected period (see Accounting Labor form in display mode results in table). These take into account the time totals for each column: 'Work, (h)' – the time in hours, 'Working in O (h)' – a day off work to watch, 'K, (h)' – clock duty; Form 1-MF (quarter) Section 1. 1.

For the correct formation of forms of statistical reporting number 1-PV (Quarterly) in advance to make necessary preparatory work to establish registers of accounting of certain categories of use. To do this, click on the form view algorithm for calculating salary (Settlement Department -> Algorithms payroll) tab 'accounting registers'. In the accounting registers of the algorithm for calculating the salary to be registers with the following categories of use: 1.1. 'The basic salary' – for the formation and calculation of the cell 4020; to register account should be classified those types of charges that should be involved in the calculation of the specified cell; 1.2. 'Extra pay' – to build and calculate the cell 4030; sensitive records must be classified as those kinds of charges, to be involved in the calculation of the specified cell, 1.3.

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