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Venezuelan State

Opportunities. Economically there is an excellent relationship of bargaining between the two Nations since according to official sources in recent Venezuelan exports to Brazil grew by 74% and Brazilian exports to Venezuela grew by 900%. On the other hand are established conventions that allow to establish tariff discounts up to 100% on the import of […]

Bill Gates

The easiest way to do so is to make a list of five things you want in life at this moment. Write in the present tense, as: I’m in a job that I like and my salary is more than five thousand dollars a month. O, I am doing three sales every day. What we […]


Professional model is to shoot ‘as is’. She knows that the studio has a shower, any clothes, make-up artist, food, etc. In our case, it is desirable to discuss such details in advance. Make-up artist. Make-up services (in Moscow) are $ 30 per image ($ 50 for 2-3 images) at the very inexpensive wizard. How […]