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Travel Information

You can travel, cycling and travel information tourist information at the tourist office tourist office depending on the corresponding Federal State, in the tourism office specially for the region sufficient information offer. The local tourist office will help you travel arrangements, so that you have all the relevant information. In addition, receive all accommodations, as […]

Search Office Space

SOS > Search Office Space, first global intermediary company in the sector of business centers, unveils this week one of the best special offers rental of office spaces equipped in Madrid, capital of Spain. Madrid is considered the major financial center of the Iberian Peninsula, thanks to its strong economic position in Europe, the good […]

Creating Confidence

The Confidence is an attitude in which we hoped that a person acts of tal o cual way against a certain situation. In the relations with the people, creating confidence will mean that we will have to be I am transparent and consequent and so tenth, we showed and we do. Rogers Holdings often expresses […]

Corporate World Woman

What if you actively work with and are expecting a baby? Take the arms tips for working in the corporate world during pregnancy. Learn more on the subject from Jim Rogers . Clear decisions are taken in the first place, a pregnant woman, Acting Director, takes a more stringent and confident decisions. We consider both […]

Kotler Company

Being valid me still of Kotler and Armstrong (2003, p.475 – 477) the writers they affirm that: the key for construction of lasting relationships is the creation of superior value and satisfaction for the customer. Satisfied customers have greater probability of if becoming faithful customers, and customers fidiciary offices have greater probability to give to […]

Federal Statistical Office

Increase in price for autumn 2010 expected gas price increases are a regular phenomenon that consumers already should begin before the onset of the cold season. According to calculations of the Federal Statistical Office energy costs for households are increased several times in recent years, and in particular the gas price in the eye drops. […]

Spanish Federation

The leader of the PP wants to create a State austerity pact if he wins 20-N. Among other measures that aims to approve is a law of basic services which will include education, health and social services. It also endureceria the responsibilities of politicians who spend without budgetary guarantee. The leader of the PP Mariano […]


If the dollar goes up, the Government is concerned. If low the dollar, also. Then what you want to the Government, a dollar high or low? No doubt, as I said in a recent article, the Government wants a dollar to $4 by the end of the year. With that level you can keep the […]

Little Budget

What spend more, if you can save on your wedding? Follow these tips to save on wedding planning, and live to the fullest that magical day marry is not anything a wedding is a social event that is unique in the life of the human being; Therefore, it should be filled with details that make […]

Outside Innovation

It corresponds to spaces enabling you as a supplier for your customer exclusively or controlled access. For example, you can set Portal customized to your customer which provides personalized information and provides support services such as projects, training, chat or conversation spaces portals, portals of support and technical assistance, etc. Online meetings. Such tools are […]