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Portfolio Manager

Interview by Martin Rothe, portfolio manager of the AlphAlgo Altradis capital AG no investment correlates permanently positive our strategy.” Martin Rothe, Portfolio Manager Mr. Rothe, you can give us your company, the Altradis capital AG please first of all introduce? Who are behind AlphAlgo and what experience can you look back on? Martin Rothe: The […]

Fast Lane VoIP Overview

IT training specialist developed voice based training Hamburg/Berlin, April 21, 2008 the telephony is one of the most important business applications. More and more companies decide language via Voice over IP technology, a long common communications solution therefore, via the data network to transmit. Basic know-how in the field of VoIP should be available for […]

Babykartecom Expands

New birthday cards on which Mainz specialist for customized and high-quality printed cards, has expanded his portfolio. The already rich offer is further fanned out with three new motives and new designs for birthday cards. The motif of “Sophie/Silas” is a greeting card and can be ordered in the DIN lang – as […]


In addition, many online forums and sites dedicated to Joomla!, Which may already have the answers to all your possible questions. To install this engine, download the installation files in the root directory of your site and type in the address bar of your browser – installation starts by itself. Now you only have to […]

Executive Board

PRIVATE FLEX Fund 1 – best PORTFOLIO Fund with focus on real estate were interview with Ralph Pawlik, Member of the Board of FLEX fund capital in a quantitative and qualitative procedures the best Fund and initiator of the Fund experts from INVESTMENT in the network of the time Warner group, which have created international […]


SMS information service, customer satisfaction, tag switching HARRI112 expands service for auto dealers. In addition to the main product, several additional products complete the HARRI112 offer. HARRI112 is 24 hours to ensure optimum service and customer management a service concept for car dealerships and to generate added value for the companies as well as for […]