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Fulfill Dreams

"That's impossible!" – Said the cause. "This is folly!" – Said experience. 'It's useless! "- Cut off the Pride. "Try …" – whispered dream. I have written repeatedly of how powerful a motivator can be a real, big dreams. I personally do not understand people who do not have any dreams, or dream … they […]

Directors Plan

The questions that need to be answered are: does of how is your company competitive in comparison with the leaders in your industry? What are the weaknesses of management? How can you improve? How can you increase sales, better serve the customer, improve the efficiency of manufacturing, increase gross margin? Do you have the resources […]

The Ability

By the way, liquor taken to bring a gift to friends and friends from his vacation spent abroad or just in another region of Russia. And this tradition comes exactly from the Russian. Stipulate that in any case does not hint at the love the Russians "vykushivat a glass" – believe me, that lovers to […]

History Culture

The modernistas affirmed that the traditional forms of these arts were obsolete and wanted to leave them stop backwards, creating itself thus, on of them, a new culture, with new and modern arts, without severities and without subordinaes about this art. Both the cited schools possuam a strong feeling of nationalism, fixed point only that […]

CIS Candidate

To avoid these negative situations, as recommended to get serious study of the agency on the selection stage. Optimally, if the selection of a company or manager will recommend the selection of one of your friends or relatives who already have experience of successful cooperation with them. Also pay attention to all subtlety: the office […]