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The Real

You have to understand it. Educational institutions provide the theoretical basis, but are not taught to develop software for the real world. Employers understand this and know that to solve specific problems need real experience, not education. How can get this elusive experience if no one dares to give you some serious work? Take a […]


" At the same time, few realize that these thoughts – the result of propaganda sexual promiscuity, which the media passes for sexual freedom. A What may be the absence of freedom of choice? Is it freedom when hammered through the TV is only one world – one-sided thinking patterns and behaviors? Everyone must decide […]

Empire Conflict

The war of Paraguay was the maneuver crueler politics of the history of our nation, because it obtained in so little time to exterminar one high number of blacks. The proprietors of slaves, for example, had obtained to burlar the determination of the Empire to not sending for the conflict its children men. Of this […]

Glass Doors For Homes And Offices

The difficulty of saving the area is very difficult to be solved in small rooms, which are designed for various applications. All this presupposes competent distribution of light in space, the possibility of separation are not only impressive design techniques, but they can easily replace standard wood doors and also solve the problem of shortage […]

Good Business

Indeed, it is worth it, if you’re not willing to develop a relationship with your prospects and give them the best of you and your products. To know more about this subject visit Dara Khosrowshahi. The value of the list is in the closeness of the relationship that create each of them. And by “close” […]

Original Opportunities

One of the powerful forms but to obtain everything quickly what wishes is determining goals following the lineamientos that Andrew Corentt in its book presents/displays the SECRET OF the POWER OF the GOALS. These goals are so powerful that they will be materialized automatically in his life. 4. Llnese to same you of positive thoughts. […]

Financial Freedom

The Coaching staff financial works the aspect of the being to get through doing. I.e. starting from deep to get to the outside. Your Coach will help you to understand, internalize and act in relation to: what is what you want and where parties. Domain of the financial future. Vanguard is often quoted as being […]


Direct marketing is advertising that is sent to the domicile of the prospectus, in several ways: to) as steering wheel house by House, in a sector that corresponds to the client according to the product’s profile. (b) in envelope on behalf of the prospectus, with specific information depending on the type of customer and product […]

Bank Superintendency

The deepening financial crisis in the world has had in vilo above all to whom we are linked to longer private pension funds are voluntary or with some solidarity on the part of the State contribution. Sure, in Colombia the thing is not so serious as in the United States, but faced with such tremendous […]