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I also know that in that case, the powerful fear art, whatever its shape and form of art that runs between people as a rumor and a legend because he finds a sense that atrocities can not find a way that unites us because it is ultimately inseparable from justice. Art, when he acts that […]


To many it has ever happened to us head buy a bike to go to work, to avoid traffic jams, etc. When we lose much time unemployed in the car, when we take turns and more turns and not get parking for parking or when you have to pass by the gas station, makes you […]

Paris Square

Rent holiday accommodation allows saving half of the 57.5 per cent compared with the Hotel data from the last scan performed by the group specialized in bed and breakfast through Internet, HomeAway, show that opt to rent alternative to hotel accommodations to spend rest periods cost savings for tourists, 57.5% on average. The study has […]

Carpets And Your Choice

There are many issues to consider when buying a carpet. Once you’ve learned the answers to basic questions and learned the history of them, manufacturing processes and the effects that new carpet can have on the quality of the interior of an environment, it is important to know about the types of rugs that are […]

Government Economy

SUMMARY the crisis in the hospitality and tourism have been reflected in an economic, social, cultural and political issue that has devastated the figures of accommodation and foreigners in our country. Since 1999, saw the biggest depression because of the violence, the Government and the poor distribution of the money. This manifested dare of the […]

Education Management

This diploma is presented for all persons connected to losprocesos of teaching-learning, wanting to improve their competencies dowry area of direct management of the facilities management educations.La education is framed in continuation processes of education processes and can be considered as complementary educational administration wing, but not enough group to compare available resources, as planned, […]

Mexico City

Wedding is a very important event in the life of every human being, since it is a celebration that will be remembered forever and can become more special with the income of a limousine to transport the bride and groom that day. Big or small? It will depend on the wishes of the couple. You […]

Social Media

A preview of what will be the new look of the search engine is already known more large, when it shows the results of our searches. We are accustomed to the monolithic and Spartan aspect of the search engine since its initial launch, where none or very few changes, at least in image, have been […]