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The Wrong

It does not have reason to charge nothing of these men. They are, in its great majority, the wrong place. They could never represent the organized society, a time that almost the totality is unprovided of any critical spirit, force of will and same character. They are men who defend spurious interests, that work daily […]

Three Extra Sales Per Day

But, let us admit that you want to buy a new car and after some economies she takes the possante for the garage of its house. What it comes later? It can be, for example, a property? From there, you congregate the resources necessary and acquire so dreamed well. What he comes later? He can […]

Mother Maiden Chapter

My mother came into my room and I confirm that she was pregnant. These pregnant? It was – not – the first thing I wanted to say but it was useless to continue denying it, his eyes filled with tears quickly and a shadow darkened his face, had rabies, grief, disappointment and all emotions that […]