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Soccer In Venezuela

Oliver and Benji, but in poor man and Venezuela. " It was that series of drawings in which the end of the football grounds was not seen, that were confused the grass with the horizon? ". That, Champions. " I have only seen some image, never a chapter entero". Marcel Rasquin, Venezuelan of 34 years, […]


This article is intended for all those who feel that there is something in life that does not leave them advance, for all those who, despite having trying one and thousand times inserted into the power of positive thinking and the law of attraction, or similar, and practice its precepts, discipline unable to rid the […]

The Czech Athlete

The Czech player could let the Athletic one of Madrid to leave to Turkish soccer. The Ottoman set gives almost by closed the hiring of multipurpose dnsa. The Galatasaray announced this week its intention to clock on and off to Ujfalusi, Forln and Kings. Thus it is the market of signings of season 2011/2012. The […]

Real Madrid

EP the summoned selector gave the list of for the friendly one before Chile. It considers that the incidents will not go to more in the equipment. It did not want to value the suplencia of Squares in the Bernabu trophy. The national selector Vicente of the Forest has done rrencia to the facts occurred […]