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Belmonte Outside

The Spanish Mireia Belmonte has remained outside the end of 200 meters styles by 45 hundredth after finalizing villa in the first semifinal of the modality, disputed in the Olympic swimming pool of Shanghai. The nadadora concluded the test with a time of 2m 12, 37s that supposed the tenth better time between the two […]


XING: Social network positioned as a site for the development of professional relationships. Further description of which Xing is here. Available in Spanish language address: into this same concept of tools is the popular networking site Facebook. Personally I have not made use of this network for professional aspects. Create my profile on this network […]

A Web Against The Crisis

The new Web site, which provides daily news of Villaviciosa as well as cultural programming has decided after several months in contact with several establishments in the municipality, zoom shops and businesses of the Villa to the internet user. From this website, Villaviciosa establishments who so wish, can advertise for free 2 months and participate […]