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Area Faces

* To identify those activities and key capabilities to bring satisfaction to customers and be successful in the market. Use a benchmarketing for do internal and external comparisons that allow you to: * assess that as well is the company developing its activities. To compare the cost structure of the company with their rivals. * […]

Excel Process

In other words: in the field of exchanging politician one rich and complex reality expected to be studied, analyzed and interpreted. The process of political exchange in electoral moments occurs between citizens and candidates or political elites to occupy positions of power in government structures. The candidates offer better public policies, possible solutions to solve […]

Combat Wrinkles

With very similar characteristics to the Rosa Mosqueta, find the Borago officinalis, a plant of Mediterranean origin with a presence in Spain, commonly called Borage. This plant is characterized by a starry blue flowers, and is considered a plant with emollient and protective properties, anti-inflammatory and diuretic. With its seeds is the (1st cold pressure) […]

AVE Madrid Barcelona

Normally companies have clear what his competition, but an excessively narrow vision of the situation can have unexpected consequences. The data offered by the National Commission of competition us illustrate the problem happened in the trade. We have heard for years the battle of small businesses against large areas, in which the first felt at […]