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When it comes to travel urgently, either for business or for any other reason, a difficult taking into account point is find new ways to economize to travel. One of these ways can be a car rental and here we show you 10 tips to save on this. The city and the airport. The rental […]

Never Grow Old

Wealth means collection of valuable things and emulation of virtues of excellence the accumulation of material goods leads the human being to the wealth and continuous learning provides a growth which constantly enriches you, when a person stops learning, automatically stops growing and starts to age, if something guarantees us eternal youth is the continuous […]

A Little Of Methodology

A bit of methodology. Today we transfer the general approach of the methodology of process reengineering that have evolved along my experiences in this matter and whose latest version I’ve recently incorporated into a project, but not before warning that I am already working on another radical approach. Also helps me, somehow, safeguarding my rights […]

Venezuelan Companies

Note that the installation of factories started not firm until the 1960s with the policy of import substitution, and the development of heavy industry dates from investments in companies of Guyana in the 1960s and 1970s. Although Venezuelan companies are born from the last century, is considered that it is not until the 1960s that […]


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