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Life Coach

They will have to get used to the new rules of the game. Do you want some tracks? Here are: 1.-MLM entrepreneur will need to cultivate a personal level to become in a genuine leader. No excuses. Of course a good marketing is important. But a good marketing without an authentic leadership not going nowhere. […]


What, man! What will! I also see you, although unlike other people I know that you are there. Do not be realise that I am a professional? Before I could interrupt him again, continued: what happens, I tell already, it is becoming more common in this society. It’s a phenomenon of solipsism, from social isolation. […]

National Chamber Peru

Foreign investment in Peru is treated and protected as local investment. Institutional and macroeconomic stability afforded by the Peruvian economy, is an asset of great value for investors who can thus, projected with clarity, the potential profitability of investments. With this enhanced security, the minimum return that produces the realization of these projects, is reduced […]

Power Business

It sometimes happens that some phenomena bear no relation to their context and are charged coup sociological hermeneutics which explains them. An example: the music industry crumbles, countries lose control of their economy, risk premiums cease to be conflicting family female sector and become the devil who punishes South of Europe and yet, 50,000 people […]

Best Modern

To this is added, keep still a managerial leadership traditional, anchored in the past and with little knowledge and applicability of modern management topics, to the demands of the new business paradigm, i.e., gaps in the vocational training of management, especially to the relatives, SMEs. Immaturity in relation to know the challenges, changes, properly handle […]