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Social Responsibility

For the International Labour Organization (ILO), the social responsibility of the company is the set of actions that take into consideration the companies so that their activities have a positive impact on society and that affirm their principles and values that govern, both in its own methods and internal processes and its relationship with other […]


I say this only to make note that everything that is written by me after applies not only to those who were born and raised here, but also to those who are here for some reason your lives. Every morning at pedestrian crossings, connecting residential areas with areas of schools, you can meet people in […]

Social Security Disability

The Social Security disability benefits, are offered to people who can not perform any work activity due to illness or accident at work, after exhausting, typically 18 months of temporary incapacity. This disease is not limited solely to physical disability, because the law also includes the cases of mental disabilities, as well as situations of […]

Peru Market

Social protests left, according to the Commerce of Peru, in the sectors trade, forestry, tourism, agriculture and transport losses by $295 million in the month of June. But Peru, in addition to the social upheaval, also lives another reality of international recognition. The achievement of being investment grade and the attraction that demonstrates to the […]

Paramount Importance

Quality is of paramount importance in manufacturing Quality assurance and control Product quality is of paramount importance in manufacturing. If quality is allowed to deteriorate, then UN fabricante will soon find sales dropping off Followed by a passibie business failure. Customers expect quality in the products they buy, and if a manufacturer expects to establish […]

Brazil American

The rest of the population are peasants with no war experience and without ammunition coping a fratricidal war. If the army attacks against civilians, victims can reach hundreds of thousands. As happened in Sudan, Rwanda or Yugoslavia, the world will notice complacientemente for a long time until someone dares to intrude. Trust in the UN, […]

Cars In Madrid Occasion

The average price of the used car stood in the first half of 2012, the 10,555 figure which assumes a fall (- 1.70%) with respect to the first half of 2011. In the words of Roger expense, director, the decline in the average price of the used car, which has been continued in the […]

Barney Capital

For its part, Barney (1991) and Grant (1991) recognize the existence of organizational resources, which shall not be more than a concept very similar to the capacity. As it can be seen from the above, the debate about these concepts is not yet closed. However the analysis follows the trend in the broad sense of […]

Indispensable Garment

By that the Jeans are a garment Indispensable Los Jeans have become an indispensable for daily garment live, because it can be used well is at work or resting, today if you’re walking down the street and do the exercise of counting how many people are going, who are dressed in Jeans you asombraras to […]


The BCG matrix is a graphic model of evaluation of portfolio of products developed by the Boston Consulting Group in the 1970s. This abbreviation BCG given to it. It is a model which aims to assess the strengths and weaknesses of the portfolio of products that the Organization has in its link with the target […]