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Thinking about investment funds believe always in the same, in that we know that they are or for serving and that we do not need to be savvy to invest and even if this is true I recommend you to be informed at the time of wanting to start investing, so you can better understand […]


Ronaldinho and Deco fell, and he faked with Eto or. It showed character and mood, far away from the bad ways, and did everything to Barca champion. Something never achieved. Methodical and blood warm, read between the lines and kept his clear idea of sanitized equipment, maintain the illusion of all. It was Eto o, […]

IFEMA Housing

The problems for the large estate does not cease. Last Friday was the turn of Nozar, who has declared bankruptcy to suspend payments with a liability of EUR 700 million. Thus joins other major such as Martinsa-Fadesa or Habitat. The worst thing is with Nozar not ending the list of companies in trouble. With a […]

Banking Crisis

Bank crises occur when one or more banks in the financial system of a country, arrive at a level of financial stress, where the regulator and supervisor (in the case of Venezuela, the SUDEBAN) chooses to speak it, and in some cases closed it. They are divided into two groups, individual crises and systemic crises. […]

United States Latin

That is why I understand that progress towards the integration of the Latin American financial markets, will lead to the emergence of a segment of business that cannot be implemented in the current context. Financial integration in the region increases the chances of development are segments of the capital market such as the capital’s risk […]

Freelance Translator

1 Diversify your portfolio Agency, unless you work only with you, does not have all the clients. And almost all agencies have peaks of work and clients. Send your CV with sample translations (careful with confidentiality) to multiple agencies and open doors. 2 To set you a time I’m home, I work when I have […]

Relational Sales A New Way Of Doing Business

There was a time in which customers waited with enthusiasm the arrival of seller, its products and the brand of the product. The seller of the 1990s was a person very well dressed, equipped for the most updated knowledge about a product out to the market which came to satisfy known needs of people. Today, […]


Many times we walk around the web and found notices and opportunities of business on-line with titles such as: – earn money on Internet – business opportunity – band on the Internet or have your website even though many of these offers are tempting and many of them are true, the first thing you should […]

Business Plan

There are numerous resources for presentation to accompany the oral presentation that allow a multimedia display that will help the audience to hit. The written document: the written version of the business plan can be delivered at the beginning or at the end of the oral presentation. Be sure to have enough copies for everyone. […]

Myshegsky Valve Plant

Brand – LD (Light Duty) Russia, Moscow region, Istra district. Brand – JiP Naval OY (Naval) Advertisement brand of ball valves: Naval main production is located in the city of Laitila, Finland. Included in the Corporation FlowServe (U.S.). In the Russian market Naval ball valves are widely LLC “Inzhtehenergostroy” (Moscow) Vexve Oy (Veksve) Brand of […]