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Est' dion I declare to the hypothetical ones: Of very far it is that it comes me such stubbornness: I want to lose where the life has to swear the profit to me. That the ancestral impetus crossed millenia, was multiplied no longer minimum and of the millions of incomplete, desirous units of a pack […]

Mathama Gandhi

But how to present/display to similar gaucho of Pampas my children to them, in the middle of everything what they are revolean since they are on the awares they close until them? It does not seem to be something that is in its plans being united and very many less knowledge of the gaucho that, […]

Universal Rights

The tecnicismo has been ones of the great villains for the depressing picture where if it finds the education Brazilian, this in very behind result practical didactic-pedagogical, the lack of studies and qualification in such a way of students and professors, beyond the administrative gaps that the schools if come across, I do not contend […]