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History Politics

References in the construction of the memory Country of continental ratios, historically Brazil was developed closed on proper itself, under the leadership of the villager and fearful elites of the world. In the rarefied environment that they had created and in which if they had perpetuated in the power, questions as the external politics or […]

National Curricular Lines

Such element, in the Course of Formation, has the intention to collaborate for the formation of the identity of the searching, reflective and operating professor in the society. Having the practical one of formation to be understood as space that oportunize the efetivao of the knowledge and knowing necessary the professor to problematizar pedagogical practical […]


Of this form, it is evident that, the professionals of the education, need to possess some necessary abilities they will make that them to assume itself to know on to practical the pedagogical one prioritizing of this form its participation in planned and creative educative situations, in a critical position inside and outside of the […]