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Francesca Camps

Behind the creation of each great mark of cosmetic, as a rule, usually there is always some captivating history. And the one of Bobbi Brown it is it certainly. In years 70, after obtaining a BFA in theater maquillaje in the Emerson College of Boston, one moved to New York to continue forming like professional […]

Livana Argentina

Livana specializes in artisan works with leathers of category of export. We have on the best raw materials and specialists in fashion of vanguard. Each product details a rigorous pursuit, from his boceto, its cut, its seam, to the satisfaction of each client. In Livana you would find the best quality, the unique design and […]


Acquisitions and investments: Cisco announced a definitive agreement to acquire Starent Networks, a supplier leader of solutions of movable infrastructure based on IP appointed movable and converged operators. Cisco announced a definitive agreement Cisco to send a voluntary supply in cash recommended to acquire TANDBERG, a world-wide leader in video communications. Important announcements of partners […]

Teaching Ethics

To teach to our children not to take the other people’s thing is very important. From early age we instill that when they find something that is not of them they must give it in the first case that still does not go to the school to the mother or some brother in house and […]